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You want to develop your online business? Do not wait, NEWCOM gives your website the visibility it deserves. Set up a web communication plan, be visible in the search engines, and develop your communication on social networks …

Whatever your project we will accompany you to success online!

Your marketing expectations on the web

Because you are unique, your expectations are also. It is therefore essential to define together your real needs and your objectives in order to find concrete solutions simple and quick to put in place.

Blog, showcase site, online shop, regardless of your final choice, our main objective is to offer him a optimal visibility, pledge of success.

We propose you to perform a market study to determine including your positioning in your sector of activity and to put in place the tools of measurement and statistics which will allow us to follow your evolution and react quickly.

We also identify potential problems of airworthiness or of ergonomics of your current site and to find adequate solutions to optimize the communication with your customers.

The development of your Webmarketing strategy

A website requires more than good design to attract Internet users, we use all the web tools to increase brand awareness and target precisely the new visitors, your potential customers.

The development of a communications campaign pointed to Google remarketing allows you to revive old visitors to your site using relevant ads while surfing the web, our strategy allows you to quickly increase your sales business or the number of registered members on your site and thus boost your ROI AdWords campaign, SEO, creating relevant content with search keywords, presence on social networks, sponsorship, affiliation, action plans are defined with you to increase your popularity while maintaining brand image you like.

Track your performance on the net

After defining with you the web marketing strategy, we take care of the project in its entirety in order to keep a degree of consistency which is essential for the conduct toward the success.

We also propose you advice in webmarketing clearly and easily to follow in order to ensure an optimum monitoring and to offer your site marchand or non-Marchand, to your products and your services the visibility and awareness that they deserve.

Using both techniques for sales and marketing, communication tools and advanced computer technology, we propulsons your site at the top of the main search engines. The number of Internet users really interested who consult your articles, your products or the showcase of your company increases quickly and you get positive benefits on your traffic but also on your turnover and on the loyalty of your existing client base. Small craftsman, artist, simple impassioned or Business Leader, the net is a great tool for you to quickly know the greatest number, it is time to take advantage of its many opportunities.

The marketing of the Web is our business,do not hesitate to contact us to give life to your projects.


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