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Tables and Chairs

Tables and Chairs

A wide range of furniture for events in Morocco, furniture for reception and furniture for communities but also for rental companies, caterers, organizers of shows and meetings… Practical furniture, solid furniture, folding furniture, stackable, collapsible, easy to transport and easy to store. Wooden furniture, metal (stainless steel furniture, aluminum …), furniture made of polypropylene or HDPE. Repairable furniture. The furniture of your events is here at NewCom!

Contract furniture, reception furniture, event furniture but also furniture for concerts, auditoriums, convention centers … Furniture for all private and public events … To the prestigious classical furniture and furnishings, plus the bright and trendy furnishings, the indispensable contemporary and stylish furniture: storage furniture, the layout and all furniture and furnishings accessories covering the functions of reception and event.

You need a professional reception furniture, furnishings community event or furniture. NewCom Morocco is your real partner!