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For the hostesses of Newcom, the success of the reception of guests passes through an intimate knowledge and accurate control of all the mechanisms, often poorly known, which make this operation, apparently simple, a particularly perilous performance, that should be treated carefully.

The hostesses of Newcom aim each day and each time the excellence. Far from the cold receptions, artificial, mechanical, the Society defends his own style made of natural, dedication, dynamism and happiness to properly accomplish its task.

The freshness of the hostesses and hosts of Newcom, their bright smile, their kindness say their pleasure to contribute to the success of the event for which they work. Their experience, a long training and the happiness to work in a team explain the excellence of the behavior of our hostesses and our hosts and the satisfaction that mark our customers, more numerous each year.

Our hostesses love their job, love to do good, like their welcome to be blameless , this means they are flawless, warm, accurate, efficient, discreet but elegant, charming but intelligent, modest but firm when necessary and professional at all times.

Our évenemntielles Home hostesses are available on Casablanca, but also for but also for your events in Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier and Rabat.